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PLD Tools: creating SVF, JAM, STAPL and other formats

Many vendors support creating of PLD files in SVF, JAM or STAPL format, but sometimes it’s not clear which formats should be used for a given vendor or given part. Based on our experience over the years, we’ve collected information about the file formats supported and built up preferences for particular formats when using some vendors.

Below I’ve included a table of common vendors, the software they provide, and the file formats supported. ScanExpress Runner and Programmer can accept .jbc, .svf, .stapl, and .jam files as third party test steps, so any of the vendors’ program files listed below may be used with ScanExpress tools.

Vendor Software Input File Format Output File Format Notes
Xilinx iMPACT (partof ISE suite) .jed, .bit, .rbt, .isc, .nky, .mcs, .exo, .mpm, .svf, .xsvf .stapl, .svf SVF output preferred
Altera Quartus II .pof, .sof, .jam, .jed .jbc, .jam, .svf JAM output preferred
Lattice ispVM .jed .svf, .stapl SVF output preferred
Actel Designer/FlashPro (part of Libero IDE) .pdb, .stp, .isc .stp, .svf  
Atmel AVRSVF .hex .svf For ATmega AVR microcontrollers
Silicon Laboratories Hex2SVF (standalone tool and part of IDE suite) .hex .svf For Si-Labs microcontrollers
Cypress ISR .jed .stapl, .svf For Cypress PLDs

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